rtPanel is calling http while installed with SSL Certificate

I’m using rtPanel on a site with https. Somewhere in the theme you have http-URIs and that way some browser are showing a warning the site would contain unsecure content. That’s only the case with rtPanel and not with one of the standard WP themes.

...btw: I'm using rtPanel 4.1.5 - while browsing your site I've got no warning re unsecure content. What did you modify on the version you are using?!? v4.1.5 in the WP repo seems not to be the same 4.1.5 you have installed on rtcamp.com

Hello HansRuedi,

Please provide your site URL to check this issue.

We are also using the same rtPanel (version 4.1.5) on rtcamp.com site which present in WordPress repository.

Hello Manish,

Thanks for your reply. https://support.info.ch/ I've got the warning while using Windows Internet Explorer 9 (9.0.8112.16421 64-Bit/Update 9.0.23)

It seems like SSL intermediate certificate (browser bundle) issue.

You can check SSL certificate at http://www.ssltool.com/?action=sslCheckOpenSSL

Just found the reason: https://bbpress.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/2518 It's a bug in bbpress 2.5.3 what I'm using on that new site... ...and would say you are using an older bbpress version here on rtcamp.com It will be fixed in bbpress 2.5.4

bbpress 2.5.4 is still not available but I patched 2.5.3 to see if the browser warning would go away... That's not the case. There seems to be a problem with rtPanel and httpS.

I now purchased InspireBook to test again and hopefully to get a solution. I will let you know...

...still have that warning from Internet Explorer 9 (9.0.8112.16421 64-Bit/Update 9.0.23). Please have a look at https://support.info.ch/forums/forum/xtrabox-support-forum/ The site is now using InspireBook. :-)

Hi Manish,

It's definitely not the same rtPanel version what you are using here on your site! On line 92 of rtp-init.php in your lib(raries) you have (the version what is available in the WP repo)... wp_enqueue_style( 'rtp-google-font', 'http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Open+Sans:400italic,700italic,400,700', '', NULL ); ...at that's the reason to get the warning from IE. It should be... wp_enqueue_style( 'rtp-google-font', 'https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Open+Sans:400italic,700italic,400,700', '', NULL );

Hello HansRuedi,

I cross checked your suggestion, and fixed Google fonts over SSL and Non-SSL issue on GitHub repository.

Removing the "http" protocol from the link will allow the visitor's browser to determine the correct protocol to load.

Many thanks for pointing out this issue in rtPanel.