rtPanel Developer Program V2

Current version 1 is here - http://rtcamp.com/rtpanel/developers/program/

We are working on a new version 2. Here are outlines from revamped version 2 draft.

Let me quickly explain key-points.

  1. rtCamp already started its store - http://rtcamp.com/store
  2. Going ahead it will become like Mac/iPhone App Store.
  3. Developers can create account on rtCamp.com.
  4. Upload their product (rtPanel premium child themes for now) there.
  5. rtCamp will handle marketing, first-level support, distribution. Developers will get 80% pay for all sales generated. (Amount may change e.g. affiliate commission deduction)

For rtPanel Child Theme specially…

  1. For some developers, we can provide premium designs (PSD). This will help php-geeks who are not good at photoshop.
  2. PSD will be provided exclusively. Which means there will be only one child theme based on one PSD.
  3. If using our PSD designs, revenue split will be 50/50. This is to cover efforts that goes in creating PSD.


  1. Every developer will get access to rtCamp's private gitlab setup. U can see a demo - http://gitlabhq.com/demo.html
  2. All codes will be maintained in git. If you don't know GIT, you will have to learn that first!
  3. rtCamp will do code review and give suggestions/etc using git (and gitlab)
  4. Once all works well, a release will be tagged. You can create tags which will undergo different testing (e.g. upgrade test)
  5. We will use a "stable" branch pointer to point to recent tag. Only rtCamp will have right to commit on stable branch.
  6. We have other components in place for automatic updates. Once stable-branch moves, it will trigger chain of events (update product in store, send upgrade notification to product). In the end existing customers will manage to get updated version automatically.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We will start accepting new application once v2 becomes final. Most likely sometime in Dec. 2012. We need to push a big upgrade to rtPanel itself before that!


rtPanel is moving to Foundation 4.0. New major rtPanel version expected to out by August. It will be rtPanel 4.0 or rtPanel-Pro.

Till now we have used many libraries e.g. normalize, 960grid, twitter-bootstrap basic css, etc.

Rather than using many libraries, we felt it will be better to use a complete framework.

Work is already started - https://github.com/rtCamp/rtpanel/tree/foundation

This rtCamp website will be ported to rtpanel-foundation soon. All premium themes will need to be rtPanel 4.0 ready.

** Key changes will be: **

  1. 1280px default max-screen width support with 16-column grid (bye-bye 960grid).
  2. Responsive slideshow & gallery, 2-level dropdown