rtPanel child fontello how to generate css

I am new at this… So I updated fontello with some new icons, added some fonts, added the newly downloaded config.json and ran ‘grunt’. No css files are created. Also I my child/style.css get replaced by a default one.

This is the commandline message I am getting:

Running “compass:dist” (compass) task

write style.css (0.002s)

Any ideas out there?

Hello herbie4,

We have a different grunt task for Fontello. It will generate fontello related files in fontello folder and not it style.css.

Please check once with fontello folder and its files. Hope this helps you.


It did not generate any files in the /assets/fontello/ when running ‘grunt’ (watch) so I just copied the files from the downloaded generated fontello zip. All that happened with grunt (watch) was that the /style.css got reset to default.

Tried to run ‘grunt fontello’ that seems to work okay.