rtMedia Video Thumbnails


Is there a way to get video thumbnails to work? I notice a lot of people have asked about this issue in the past but there doesn’t seem to be a definitive answer so I am asking again.

I have tried a third party thumbnail generator, which actually did generate a thumbnail that shows up in the media library, but the thumbnail still doesn’t show up in the video gallery or in activity.

I have also tried the rtMedia encoder and tested it with several uploads, MP4 and also MPG. Under the encoder settings it says that I have used x amount of bandwidth but still no thumbnails.

I have used the rtMedia thumbnail bulk generator, which says that it has generated a thumbnail but nothing shows up anywhere.

I have also tried clicking on ‘generate thumbnail’ in the media library, but it is not clickable, it is just plain text.

I seem to have covered all grounds but still can’t get thumbnails to work.

I have also changed the preload to true, which works on a desktop but doesn’t work on a mobile.

Please, please, is there any way to get thumbnails to work?


Hello @Simon_Matthews,

We recently released our new transcoding service for WordPress. This service is available via the free plugin called Transcoder. Here is the link to the plugin - https://wordpress.org/plugins/transcoder/

Please use our free subscription plan to try out this service. You can visit product page here - https://rtmedia.io/products/transcoder/

For more details on Transcoder please visit our Transcoder page - https://rtmedia.io/transcoder/

You can find a public blog post here - https://rtmedia.io/blog/introducing-transcoder/