rtMedia video player size

In the old BuddyPress Media plugin, the video player size could be set to a percentage which worked very well on my site which is responsive.

In rtMedia, I can currently set the player size in pixels which results in a fixed width video player that doesn’t change size as the user’s browser size changes.

How could I set the video player width and height to a percentage - e.g 100%?

This can’t be done directly at the moment but we will be adding this in the todo list for it to work with percentages.

great stuff @joshuaabenazer, looking forward to this becoming available :slight_smile:

HAs this been fixed? because only half of videos are showing on my site

Hi Rick,

Check your site with WordPress default theme and with other plugins disabled. It might be a theme issue or a plugin conflict.

I just activated the 2013 theme and disabled all plugins except for buddpress and rtmedia… and it still doesn’t play the videos in the proper frame. I’ve also tried the adjust the width and heigh in the rtmedia setting, but to no end

Also I notice when I first load an activity page with videos on it, it will show with this player, which is the one that gets cut off if the width is too wide or not wide enough I guess. But as I keep loading activities and it comes back around, the player in this player shows up , and works perfectly.

despite all the updates, i’m still getting 2 different players on my site. the one that doesnt work properly(cant pause/play from control, full screen) shows up more often, the other one works fine, resizes appropriately, all buttons works, usually shows up on old videos in the stream. please help

Hello @rickmcgroovy,

Can you please share URL of your site where you are facing this issue?

Thank you.


I ended up going to the RTMediaBuddyPressActivity file and removed the class and preload overide_allowed_tags. It solved my problem… a little. I no longer have different player issue, the user sees a thumbnail of what they will be watching, all control buttons work great, and the video plays with no issue.

But now all the videos preloaded which slows down the site load time, the user can’t choose which thumbnail to have displayed(not that they could before), and when I share the video on facebook, it can’t find a thumb for it(not that it could before)

Thank you for all your help so far by the way