Rtmedia video player adjusting for small mobile screens

Hello Everyone,

I’ve got a quick question regarding sizing the “rtmedia video player” for small mobile screens. On phones with small screens like the iphone6s, the videos player’s width changes but the image inside the player is cut in half. Visitors using mobile phones with small screens can’t really see the full video thumbnail. Is there way I can size the player or the thumbnail in the player to adjust/fit to small mobile screens?

I’ll LOVE Anyone who can give me some guidance!


I’m having the same issues the video resizing too. They make it so hard, btw I have no idea what I’m doing, I’m a total newb at this. This is what I have so far to try and fix it. Go to rtmedia custom CSS and add this code.

li.rtmedia-list-item.media-type-video { width: 60% !important; ;


That seems to help a little but it still messes up sometimes. Change the % to your liking or fix px size. I hope that helps. I’m saving up money to by the bundle so then I can get some support but for now I’m all on my own.

Thank You! That is a working code and it does effect “video player” but it does not allow me to achieve what I am looking for in small mobile screens. Anyway I can effect the “video-poster” with css. I guess I need the thumb inside the video player to adjust to small mobile. I see that the actual player is adjusting but the thumb cuts off when screen is narrow in mobile view.

Thanks Again!