rtMedia upload won't work on BuddyPress with SSL


I have a BuddyPress site with SSL and the rtMedia plugin. I’ve tested the plugin with the same theme on a test site without SSL and it works fine, I really like it and would like to upgrade to Pro sometime possibly.

However, on my main site which has SSL enabled the upload won’t work. When you click the “Attach Files” nothing happens. On the test site it brings up the file dialogue just fine.

Is this a common issue with SSL or any ideas on how to fix?


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@nickgover, our main site -> https://rtcamp.com/ has SSL and our demo site -> http://demo.rtcamp.com/rtmedia/ don’t have SSL and on both site rtMedia works perfectly fine.

Please check rtMedia with WordPress default theme and with other plugins disabled.

I can also confirm that it works perfectly with SSL. I have a private site that has SSL enabled on all pages and have never had an issue.

Yeah Ritesh, I figured it wasn’t an issue with SSL in general so much as maybe a configuration issue with SSL.

Anyhow, I did resolve it. There were some issues with my blog URL to match it up with https. Works fine now.

Glad to know that your issue is fixed.

Hi @nickgover How did you resolve ssl issue with rtmedia Will you please answer me ? I am facing problem with ssl on website without ssl it was working good.

Hi @ashishkumar ,

Umm, I’m trying to remember, that was a long time ago and I don’t have that site anymore.

Make sure that your disk cache is cleared out after you add your SSL and that there are no static references to insecure content with http as opposed to https.