Rtmedia upload not working with buddypress in frontend

When a registered user (as subscriber) tries to upload an image, it shows the 100% progress bar and returns no errors, but It doesn’t show on the activity stream. (If uploaded with text, only the text is shown)

And if you click on the image to edit it, it shows as UNDEFINED in the URL ex: mydomain.com/undefined

But when a registered user (as author or above) uploads the image, it works fine.

Any idea why is there this restriction for subscribers???


Are you using any membership plugin in your site?

The issue you reported is not related to rtMedia, if you can check on our demo site http://demo.rtcamp.com/rtmedia/ it works fine for subscribers also.

Kindly cross check by disabling other plugins on your site.



I’m using paidmembershipspro

Could this be the problem? Do you know if there Is any report with this plugin?

Thanks for your time

Hi @solokco,

You can try disabling paidmembershipspro plugin and check once with the user with subscriber role. It might help to debug the issue.