Rtmedia Upload Folder

Hi, I’ve got a question, if you use an elements inspector on an uploaded media file you can see the upload folder path that goes on wp-content/uploads/Rtmedia.

How can you Hide this or change the uplod directory to hide the Use of wordpress and this plugin (for security reasons) like sotre them on root/images for example.

Also I’ve comented before that when you upload bulk images the order of appareance on the activity stream is backwards, IMG1 to IMG10 appears the IMG10 at the begining and goes down to the IMG1 at the end of the post, how can I change this?

Thanks for the support.

Hi alejandro, Regarding upload folder, you can change upload folder. There is a filter available for the same and you can also write re-write rules for that.

Sorry but, How can I do that I just rename the folder and thats it? , wich plugin file I must change ?

Hi, To change upload directory you need to edit wp-config.php file. Here is the small tutorial for changing upload directory in WordPress -> http://www.wpbeginner.com/wp-tutorials/how-to-change-the-default-media-upload-location-in-wordpress-3-5/

Sorry for my lack of explanation, I meant the folder created by the Rtmedia Plugin in the Uploads folder called "rtMedia" I've secured everything and this folder name could reveal that I'm using wordpress, its possible to change it to another name?


There is a filter available to change the upload directory rtmedia_filter_upload_dir. This filter will help you to change the upload directory.