rtMedia Update Creates Button Issues



I just updated to the new version and like the new look except is has some bugs. I attached pics of all the bugs on the like buttons and activity wall “attach files” button.

Can you help?

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Hi @nicholaus1221,

Could you please send your site URL and credentials to my E-mail : abhishek.kaushik(at)rtcamp.com.

We will try debug the issue.


Hi Abhishek,

I currently don’t have the latest version on my live site as it has too many errors. I only have the latest version on my local server which isn’t accessible to others. I could temporarily update to the newest version of rtmedia, but it would have to be quickly resolved.



Seems like some of your CSS styles are conflicting with rtMedia CSS.

Could you please create a test environment so that we can debug the issue you are facing.


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Hi @nicholaus1221,

There is an issue with fonts rendering in the last update.

We are really sorry for your inconvenience, we are fixing it and will release it in our next release, which is scheduled today.


yep, this font’s issue seems fixed for now (3.3), thanks to you


Good to here that your issue is resolved.

Feel free to ask us anytime, we will be happy to to help you.


I just updated to versions 3.4.1 and PRO 1.8.5 and everything looks great except the “like” and “report” buttons are still rendering weird like my initial pics that I uploaded here.

Any ideas?


Hi @nicholaus1221,

Could you please tell us which theme and plugins you are using.

I can give you few pointers to check:

  • Check rtMedia Plugin on default theme
  • Disable all the Plugins
  • Check you CSS whether is creating a conflict with rtMedia CSS or not


Hi Abhishek,

It might be easier if I just gave you login info so you can see what’s going on. Will that work?



Hi @nicholaus1221,

That will be fine. You can send it to pushpak.patel@rtcamp.com.