rtMedia Pro: There is some problem. Please try again

Hi all
When I activate the plugin, it then says “rtMedia Pro: Click here to install rtMedia.” However, when I try, it fails with the message:
“rtMedia Pro: There is some problem. Please try again.”

I am running my wordpress on an Amazon EC2 instance with S3 - so there is very restrictive access to the wordpress folders. I assume this error is arising as the plugin does not have access to the wp-content folder. I came across a similar problem with EWWW image optimiser, but I have been able to manually install the missing pieces for this.

Please can you tell me how to manually install rtmedia pro; this will be much easier than changing the file access settings for the plugin!

Many thanks

You are getting this message because rtMedia-PRO is installed and you haven’t installed rtMedia.

You can download and install rtMedia manually from here or you can just directly install plugin from admin panel by searching “rtMedia”.

Before installing again just check that whether it was installed or not.

Great thanks! Sorry, assumed that Pro was a full feature rather plugin than an addon.
Thanks for the fast response :slight_smile: