Rtmedia pro support not working



Both submit and cancel buttons in the support page on my website do not work.
I didn’t have this issue before updating the plugin…



Hello Laurent,
Sorry for trouble. We will cross check what is the issue with that.
Till that can you please let us know here, what problem you are facing with rtMedia?



Hi Laurent,

We checked this on our demo site and other sites, it works perfectly fine. Can you please check for any server error or js error?



I seem to have several js issues related to rtmedia. I’ll dive deeper in the website’s code to find where the issue could be.



Please cross check by deactivating other plugins, may be there is some plugin conflict with rtMedia.



I found the issue. It’s related to another plugin indeed.
I sent them the information so that they could fix this.


Glad to know that you found out the actual cause of the issue.
If you have any other issue related to rtMedia / rtMedia-PRO, feel free to contact us.