Rtmedia Pro Shortcode Problem

I got this problem, that when I am using the shortcode button on a page, and go to the page, it wont upload anything. You can see it on the image I have attached. It just stops. I have using this shortcode: [rtmedia_uploader album_id=417 privacy=20]

I would like to have the uploader shortcode on a page, where my users can upload images, video and music. But like you can see on the image, it wont do it. What can be wrong. You are welcome to create a user on my site: http://meework.com, and see it. I can give you super admin privileges. The page where the shortcode is, is called "Gallery"

From Thomas

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@sorensen84 - You would need to use the [rtmedia_gallery] shortcode to display the media. The shortcode that you are using only does the uploading. We are in the process of creating a single shortcode that would contain the uploader + gallery together.