rtMedia Pro on production and test site

Dumb question about running rtMedia Pro on two sites. My current production site is on Dreamhost and its painfully slow. I’ve installed a test site with WP/BP and its remarkably faster. I’ve attempted to install rtMedia Pro (version 1 and the latest 1.6). Both said the plug-in installed and was active, but the menu item and configuration is not available. I’m wondering if it can only be installed on one site?

In case anyone is wondering, the test site is on GoDaddy.


Though rtMedia-PRO license are single-site license, we are not technically enforcing this limit for now.

I will recommend upgrading rtMedia-PRO to latest version on both sites.

On sidenote, GoDaddy is one of worst webhosting provider so creating another test site on Dreamhost may work. We used Dreamhost back in 2007. They really provide one of the best shared hosting service.

Thank you for the info. GoDaddy isnt my favorite, but they are doing extremely well for two sites that I’ve taken over. The test site I just set up blows Dreamhost out of the water.

Thats something very unusual. Is Godaddy plan also shared hosting plan?

Anyways, hosting provide aside, if you see anything in error log or broken in rtMedia, please send details. We will surely look into it. :slight_smile:

Basic shared $15/month site. I just emailed Dreamhost to see what they say about it. You’re not the only one to recommend them.

Okay, let me see if I can get things sorted with Dreamhost first. Then if I have issues, I report back.

Thanks again.

I’m a complete idiot. I didnt have the base rtMedia plugin installed. I assumed that rtMedia Pro was the full plugin. Sorry to have wasted your time.

Actually its our fault as well. rtMedia-PRO should generate admin notice if rtMedia is missing.

We will have this fixed in upcoming release - http://git.rtcamp.com/rtmedia/rtmedia-pro/issues/54