rtMedia Pro Attributes Button

When using the attributes on the site, the uploader displays the “Add Attributes” button. A user must click the button, and then add the attributes, and then upload. I have two questions:

1.) Is there a way to force attributes be set on all uploads? If a user doesnt set an attribute on a video/image nobody can see it on the gallery pages we have coded.

2.) Is there a way to force the “Add Attributes” button to automatically expand, instead of it being clicked each time? This will help make it easier for members to see how to set them.

I fiddled around with looking at the PHP for this but could not figure out a way to get it to work.


Hi Ben,

  1. This will require to write some custom code. Another way is to force user to set attributes while upload media, you need to write js code for that. If you inspect attribute fields, you will notice that their names are in array format. You can check the value of them when user clicks on “Start Upload” button and return true/false according to that.

  2. Trigger click event on “Add Attributes” button when user clicks on “Upload” tab to expand attributes.

Hello, Im looking for the same functions. Did you have a chance to make it work? If yes, could you please share how to do this? Thanks and regards