Rtmedia present images only 1 by 1 in activity stream

When uploading several images with rtmedia, they are showing one by one in the middle of the activity stream. The rest of the images are following within a couple of seconds delay. Is it possible to have multiple images appear the way it was before, instead of one by one?

Hello @giorgos,

When multiple media are attached to single activity they will be displayed one by one in the middle of the activity feed.

Is it possible to have multiple images appear the way it was before, instead of one by one?

We are not clear which way you want to display. Can you provide screen-shot which demonstrate the same?


Hi @pranalipatel . Thanks for checking. In the screenshot below you can see that I have uploaded 2 images but only 1 image at the time is showing. The second image will follow in a couple of seconds (slide show style). I would prefer that both images are showing in the activity screen at the same time filling up the activity stream area.
I’m sure it was that way while ago. Or I might be missing a setting

Hello @giorgos,

Please check ‘Number of media items to show in activity stream’ option of BuddyPress tab under rtMedia admin settings. You can set number of media to show in activity feed ( 0 means unlimited ).


Thanks @pranalipatel but that wont make any difference the way images appear in activity stream. They keep showing one by one. If you see the screenshot it should show 2 images instead of one. Stream area looks empty that way.

Hello @giorgos,

If you want to manage multiple images side by side you need to add custom code for that and that is theme dependent. Here is the example of that in one of our theme demo -> http://demo.rtcamp.com/rtdating/members/admin/

You can add slider to traverse multiple images.


Thanks @pranalipatel. I asked for theme support.

Hello @giorgos,

You are welcome!

@pranalipatel . My theme support is requesting the custom code you are using. Thought the link demo you provided also does not show multiple images side by side. The slider is there but images are showing one by one. When someone uploaded 6 images I would like all 6 to be shown in the activity stream in one view.

But what do you mean by “in one view”? That could be interpreted in a number of ways. Side by side? Carousel? Masonry?

The way it displays on that theme right now, image #1 on top, image #2 beneath, image #3 beneath that, is the best way to do it because it’s the most mobile responsive. Chances are 30% of your traffic, if not more, is on lower resolution tablets and phones. Side by side galleries will often screw that formatting up making your site look terrible.

Its just my opinion, but I wouldnt want to see a site do it this way. It gets sloppy fast. :slight_smile:

Thanks for explaining @illusionsglass . I just realised I was not clear. Apologies. What I mean is having this when upload lets say 3 images:

instead of this when upload 3 images. This is the situation now. (this shot has 2 images uploaded, one is showing, next is coming, slider style)

So, Still keep the slider style, (CAROUSEL) showing the images up to the threshold defined in settings, but able to view multiple images. Now it shows only one in carousel mode. I believe this might need theme intervention after all.