rtMedia Plugin Slows down the web-site response time


I have noticed that our website response time is reduces significantly after deploying free version of rtMedia Photo Album plugin (i.e. Buddypress Media). I have profiled the response time using P3 and realized this plugin is contribution to 60% of response time latency when I open a buddypress group and post something in the group discussion forum. It seems rtMedia is doing something in the background that cause such an impact on the response time when the user is not even working with photo albums:

I am using:

  • rtMedia 3.7.33
  • Wordpress 4.0
  • Buddypress (Recent one)

I am thinking to buy Pro version of this free plug-in as an option if we can solve this Response Time issue. Your help is certainly appreciated.

P3 plugin itself is wrong. See for details - P3 performance profiler and rtMedia results

You might want to check if your site is sending out a large batch of email notifications for the forum update. It may be the cause of slow site response. I have read that can be a problem on larger sites with many users. Emails being sent before page refresh.

I use rtMedia pro along with many other plugins and don’t notice any slow speed issues, but I also am running it on a VPS, not shared server.

Note, I’m just a user and not a developer so a bit of guessing here. :wink:

Cheers Ray

It’s not wrong and u don’t need to be rocket scientist to simple disable rtmedia and check loading time before and after :slight_smile: