Rtmedia photos are not displayed at the popup

Hello,how can i do that the photos are displayed with the popup and
not with the lightbox,i check the rtmedia configuration and all is
correct and the popup does not work. What can i do please?
I attach a capture of how should be displayed.

@alberto153 you can either enable the lightbox option to display your media including photos on the admin setting , or disable the option. There is no popup option, the popup option is the lightbox option. Either you turn it on to display your media using rtmedia custom lightbox or you disable it. The rtmedia lightbox cannot display like the one in your pic comment . Thank You.

Hi @alberto153,

You need to switch off “Use light-box to display media” from rtMedia settings and you can apply your own third-party pop-up for which you may need to add some JavaScript code.

@alberto153 if you do it using your own third-party pop-up like @pranalipatel suggested , I do not think you will be able to edit or delete or comment on the image from the frontend.


I’m import the users data to my site. and on profile page it’s display amount of Photo in Media.
But when click to see the Photo, it’s display - Oops !! There’s no media found for the request !!

(Please see attached file)

Thank you

Hello @cookkoo,

Can you please explain what do you mean by " I’m import the users data to my site." ? Are you facing this issue with all the members of your site?

Thank you.