Rtmedia photo uploader does not work in presence of BP Activity Privacy

Steps to reproduce WP 4.1.1 Multisite BP 2.2.1

Default install

only plugins

  • demon-image-annotation

  • buddypress-activity-privacy ( very necessary for privacy purpose)

  • Rtmedia

When buddypress-activity-privacy is enabled Rtmedia photo uploader does not work - the upload icon shows but nothing happens on clicking.

When buddypress-activity-privacy is disabled Rtmedia photo uploader works - the upload icon shows and uploads photo on clicking. Thanks for any help.

Please also see https://wordpress.org/support/topic/when-buddypress-activity-privacy-is-enabled-rtmedia-photo-uploader-does-not-work?replies=1#post-6656803

Hi @hela,

Yes, it’s a known issue, we don’t have any solution as of now for this conflict. We will need to dig into BuddyPress activity privacy plugin code. Also, that plugin hasn’t been updated since last 10 months !

We will look into this conflict and will fix it if it can be fixed from rtMedia side only.