rtMedia per Group


Is it possible to enable/disable rtMedia per group?


@suysal - Sorry to say as of now this is not possible.


It 'll be very useful in some cases :wink: it could be moved to your ‘Feature Request’ section, isn’t ?


Yes, please do so. This plugin is not production ready for a big BP site with so many groups and users as the aggregate media storage would be too big.

Please allow enabling/disabling per group, as well as setting album size limit per group.

Unfortunately, I have to disable this plugin till I get a new version supporting above, hopefully soon.



@suysal - That is a good suggestion, but we can only consider this next month. I have added this to our PRO roadmap and we will revisit this after rtMedia-PRO 2.0 gets out.

Existing PRO user can track status via http://git.rtcamp.com/rtmedia/rtmedia-pro/issues/60

If you are not using rtMedia-PRO yet, you may upgrade by visiting – https://rtcamp.com/store/rtmedia-pro/


Thanks for the consideration and the update. I am a pro user.