rtMedia & Page Load Time

rtMedia is taking 74% of the page load time to load in my website.Please optimize the rtMedia for better performance.

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Which tool you have used to generate graph above?

We have tested rtMedia with xdebug profiler, php-fpm-slow log and mysql-slow query log. We did not find any issue so far.

Rest assured, if we come across any bottleneck, we will fix it with highest priority.

Looks like P3 Plugin Profiler by Godaddy. It's a very good plugin and tool. https://wordpress.org/plugins/p3-profiler/

My site is also slow due to rtMedia. I love this plugin and wanted to purchase the pro version but I cannot as it is very very slow. You can see how slow it is on this site. http://www.modelartec.com/casting

Hi Juan,

I suggest you to check it with other plugins disabled and with WordPress default theme. We always have make our code as optimized as possible.