rtMedia object isnt available outside of user mode

Hi guys, I use slightly modified version of bp_get_displayed_user_nav() as a user nav throughout the whole logged in space. Everything is fine on user pages, regarding availability of rtMedia tab, however on pages outside this environment, such as 404 or any other custom non-user pages, your tab simply isn’t.
It’s literally not present in the $bp->bp_nav array throughout the whole site. Is it some unfeature that gets supported only in pro mode?)



rtMedia uses bp_core_new_nav_item function to add Media tab in navigation.

Check custom_media_nav_tab() from here -> https://github.com/rtCamp/rtMedia/blob/master/app/main/controllers/template/RTMediaNav.php#L25, you will get idea what goes wrong.

Hi Ritesh … thank you, understand … just dont get why is this prevented … all other nav tabs messages, profile, etc stays sitewide in the variable. Hard to bypass that in clear way. Is there a way to do so without touching your core?

Can you tell me exactly what you want to do? May be that way I can help you.

Im having a sidebar user nav thats constantly on the side when user is logged in … other words, I run bp_get_displayed_user_nav() everywhere when the user is logged in. Not only within its environment but its just part of the global header then.)

now I bypass that by creating own icons for specific media types, that points to your rtmedia.
these stay all the users journey as well as the default (core) ones.
rtMedia is limited only to the $bp->displayed_user environment.

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I got your point. We had added a filter rtmedia_render_bp_nav which you can use in your theme and return true. It will allow to render rtMedia nav on your call. This filter will be available in update.

Thanks a lot!