Rtmedia not showing in buddypress activity


Hi, i have 2 sites using rtmedia in buddypress and work perfectly in my older site. Last week i move the website to another server and suddenly this 2 websites can’t show the uploaded media in activity. It only show the text in what’s new section.

Is there any server requirements for rtmedia?


Hello @Asse_Darmawansyah,

Can you please check if there exists any javascript error in browser console or any server errors?

Thank you.


I have no error in my console. But it still not showing the uploaded media in buddypress activity.


Hi my problem has been solved. The cause of the problem is the setting in php.ini. There is no value in file_uploads in php.ini.

I replace the value with file_uploads =“1” then the media upload start showing when i upload a new media.


Hello @Asse_Darmawansyah,

Ohh! Yes, if file_uploads is set to 0 ( false/off ) it will disable all file uploads. Glad to know you figured out the cause.

Thank you.