rtMedia Membership - What is the idea?


I have questions about the product.

Is it the same as the buddypress plugin. That users can communicate with each other through letters and add each other?

or is it likely as facebook and other social media`s? Will there be any demo-video or a demo for this online? :slight_smile:

In relation thank gentlemans


This plugin for user limit/restriction which can be set by site admin. For more details please refer blog post https://rtcamp.com/blog/introducing-rtmedia-membership-addon/.

Sorry, we don’t have demo for this now. We will make some arrangement soon.


Hi man,

About: values of -1 = Unlimited and 0 = No Access. An idea and probably a little more sense if they were the opposite. = 0 will do the unlimited and -1 = No access.

  • I can not find any list or something similar about what users can do with this product beyond that you can create subscriptions packages.

Can they:

  1. write and send masages?
  2. Write in blogs and forums?
  3. Send gifts?
  4. Can they poke or something like that?
  5. Will there be a newsletter update from profils on the page?
  6. What happens or what do non users see?
  7. Can they uploade a profil pic. ?
  1. Thanks for your suggestion. But we have decided to keep values in that way only and hence we mentioned in plugin settings.

  2. This add-on is only for media which uploaded via rtMedia. If you read completely this post https://rtcamp.com/blog/introducing-rtmedia-membership-addon/, we have clearly mentioned this add-on is only for media. And NOT for messages, forums,blogs, poke, etc. etc. I request you to read it again and let us know if you have any other questions/doubts.