rtMedia just stops working until rewrite rules are flushed

This is the same problem with the Media tab not working for other people. Also links to images just says “Content not found”.

As suggested before, resaving permalinks fixes the issue, but only temporarily. After a few minutes it will stop working again. Resaving permalinks just flushes the rewrite rules.

Try rtMedia with other plugins disabled and with WordPress default theme. After that also try re-saving permalinks and then check.

Some issues seem to have been fixed. Media tabs now work all the time, which is great! But, rewrite rules still do get messed up and I need to flush them, by re-saving permalinks, for links to work correctly. But the issue comes back again and I need to resave permalinks again. I am not sure what triggers it though.

This is what I get when I use the Rewrite Rules Inspector plugin: