rtMedia issues


hey there,

first a simple compatibility question: will my photo tag plugin still work with rtmedia (and in addition to that: were is my download link for the phototag plugin!?)

and here are my bugs:

  • why is it that i can't edit an album or even delete a single image or an album?! the links are simply missing.

  • the "next" button is crappy, because it just doubles the already shown pictures.

  • i work with the same theme like i did with BP media, but the layout is screwed up. rtMedia, as the only page in BP profile messed it up and pushed the whole section away from the standart BP format, to the left side of the page. guess that should be fixed.

if you need to have a look at the site, let me know, so i can give you new login- data, since i made a clean installation for BP media to really secure that these errors are not fault of bad installation behavior.

thx so far and keep up the good work!


deletion of a single picture in fullscreen mode also does not work.



The photo tagging addon has also been updated alongside. You should receive an update, soon. If not, let us know, we'll mail it to you.

As for the other bugs, yes, do send us a link.

  • We'll need to look into this
  • That's just the first release, we'll be refining this as we go into subsequent releases.
  • Hmm, we had seen this behaviour in an earlier beta and fixed this.

In short, let us have the link and let us have a look at it.




You can download latest versions of all your premium addon purchases from here - http://rtcamp.com/my-account

Although, all rtMedia addons has builtin automatic update feature. Just log into your WordPress dashboard. You will see update notice on plugins page.


ok, thanks. i installed the photo tagging now, which leads to another problem, i also realized with BP media. when i tag an image, i type in the name of the person, i want to tag. but it always just shows up only my name, even when i type in another name.

guess that's all for now. please tell me were to send the mail.

thx for help! oliver


i'd send it to nitun's address.



Our developers are looking into your issues and communicating with you privately.

@ others,

Kindly post your issues in separate threads of your own. Right now, its really confusing and difficult to keep track of who has what issue and where should we reply.