rtMedia Importer

Hi guys, does importer from version 2.8 has any log file? My importert has stoped on importing users and media and i don’t know where’s the problem. I’m trying to import database of users media from bpmedia version on WordPress 3.9.1 running Kleo theme.

best Kuba

Hi Kuba,

bpmedia version is pretty old version. Is there any error in your site’s error log file?

Hi @sanketparmar, i’d like to explain what’s exactly happening :wink:

I’ve got BuddyPress Media in Version 2.8, i’ve started the import process as you can see below

while the importer is trying to migrate all user’s favourites it stops and going back to the first screen (below)

Everything is working ok while i’m using BPMedia 2.8, all the files where moved and you can see them on users profiles, but when i’m trying to update BPMedia to rtMedia 3.7.8 there is no any photos on useres profiles.

Is there any option to not migrate the user’s favs? Pls help.


@sanketparmar is there any solutions to solve this issue?

Hi Kuba,

as @sanketparmar asked, is there any server error during migration process?

Dears @riteshpatel @sanketparmar, i turn on debug mode in my wordpress and when i’ve got BuddyPress Media Version 2.8 active there is a message

Notice: bp_setup_current_user was called incorrectly. The current user is being initialized without using $wp->init(). Please see Debugging in WordPress for more information. (This message was added in version 1.7.) in /var/www/designitpoland.com/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3370

and in active debug mode i can’t run the importer. And i can’t upgrade the version of BP Media because my import didn’t go correct.

When BuddyPress Media is turn off, there is no error message.

Hi @Kuba,

Try rtMedia v3.0.x first and before that please take backup of your database or restore the old backup if you have taken earlier and test it first on your testing environment.