[rtmedia_gallery] Shortcode not working?

Hi! I’m running Buddypress v2.0.1 and rtMedia v3.6.14

I’m trying to add the [rtmedia_gallery] shortcode as a sidebar on the activities page for each of my members, so when people view someone’s activity, they see that specific user’s most recent photos.

Currently I’m using this code:

function activity_sidebar(){  
	//Define any variables here  
	global $bp;  
	$dmember_id = $bp->displayed_user->id;  
	echo '
'; ?>
<?php echo do_shortcode('[rtmedia_gallery context="activity" media_type="photo" media_author="'.$dmember_id.'"]'); ?>
<?php echo '
'; //echo '
} add_filter( 'bp_after_activity_loop', 'activity_sidebar' );

The sidebar shows up and all, and it says “Media Gallery”, but under that I get the “Oops !! There’s no media found for the request !!” message.

Any help?? :slight_smile:

link to page: http://your-developmentsite.com/ishocase/members/webmaster/

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Use context = ‘profile’ instead ‘activity’ and also add context_id = $dmember_id

Thank you! That worked! :slight_smile: