rtMedia Gallery for an User (free or pro)

I read this doc.

But, I can’t get that whatever @user (logged) sees his Own Album (in the widget).

I need a ShortCode for General but specifics @users. For example, @user-1 logged sees only his Album, @user-2, etc.

I can’t add inside widget, author 1, 2, 3, 4… Because this is relative for community.

Maybe the ShortCode can be author 1–10000, or 1–1000000 if is possible for rtMedia. If author 3250 is logged, only him or her can see their own Media.

With Privacy:

Logged In User Friends Public Only Me

––––– Premium (if you want):

A little Media slide over or inside Bp Cover.

Hello Leo,

If we understood your requirement correctly, you would like to display Media Gallery Widget that renders four different sets of media, each set depending on the privacy level set by the user. This widget will only be visible to logged in users.

We are already looking into a creating widgets that can display media with different privacy levels. However, we are not currently aware of any way that this can be done with shortcode alone.

I have notified our developer team about this ticket. They will notify you if we make any progress on this enhancement.

Let us know if we understood your requirement correctly.


Joel Abreo