rtmedia_gallery and pagination

The design aspects of the new site design are quite nice now. I’m happy I stuck with rtMedia Pro. Today, you released version 2.4 with the attributes feature of the rtmedia_gallery shortcode, which is greatly appreciated and much needed. No doubt my work with the MLA author programming a lot of that had to help, I’m glad it did!

When the data import begins, there are 50,000 pictures and 20,000 videos.

Which leads to a big problem with the rtmedia_gallery shortcode – It only “loads more”. It would be impossible for a member to see all of the pictures or all of the videos because the rtmedia_gallery shortcode doesnt have any pagination support that I can find. “Load More” is nice if you have a couple hundred pictures. But I cant expect users to keep hitting Load More to see older content.

What would the process involve for adding pagination with the gallery shortcode?

It’s a make or break issue, there’s no way I can make the site live if people cant see the content that is there! :slight_smile:

Thanks very much!

Hi Ben,
I got your requirements. It will require custom work to change the pagination. It need to change the media templates, check for if it is gallery shortcode than and only than change pagination, some custom js code and all that stuff.

You can contact here -> https://rtcamp.com/contact/ for any rtMedia related customization work.

Why was pagination removed to begin with? Searching on this site shows that the gallery used to paginate, but it was taken away in favor of “Load More”.

My concern is what about customers of yours who have more than a few hundred pictures? You cant possibly keep clicking “Load More” for hundreds or thousands of pictures.

Shouldnt this be a clickable option or part of the gallery syntax to show pagination?

Or maybe even a way to tell rtmedia to skip the first 50 images and then dynamically load a shortcode based on URL?

Seems like basic functionality, why would a site owner want to display 10,000 images to a user on one web page with Load More? I cant wrap my head around this…


Hi Ben,

I got your concerns but this how rtMedia works.

The pagination option is not available right now but may come in future, I’m not sure about that.

I’ve paid Nitun to add pagination to the rtmedia free plugin. It’s paid for, and he expects to have it done this weekend for delivery on Monday.

So, to anyone reading this, the next version of rtmedia will have pagination and load more support. It’s too much of a required feature to wait this one out, so my payment has expedited the development of it.