rtMedia Featured 'Image' not resizing


I've set the featured image to 200x150 -cropped, but the featured image is still displaying at full size.

Odd thing is that featured video seems to obey resizing. Where should I be looking to correct this?


Update - if I set the featured size to the default of 100x100 (cropped=1) then the featured IMAGE sizes correctly.

However if I set the featured image to 200x200 or any other size for that matter, the image just displays at the full image size....

Any advice please?

Oh if I regen the thumbnail, the it displays correctly....very weird...bug perhaps?

@madcap66 - This is not a bug. Normally image sizes aren't changed regularly. It stays mostly constant for a particular theme. Hence WordPress automatically does not regenerate images for the previously uploaded image. Any new image uploaded would follow the new set of sizes defined.

As for the images working on the default size 100x100, as that size of the particular image is present it shows up. WordPress creates the registered image sizes on upload, hence, later if you change the size that image size wouldn't be available and would have to be regenerated. We don't provide any extra handling for this and it is not recommended also.

Also regarding the video sizes, they can be controlled simply using the height and width parameter, hence they take effect immediately.

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@madcap66 - Thanks for pointing this out. Looks like this issue cropped up in a recent version of the plugin. This issue has been fixed now and should be available in the next release of rtMedia.