Rtmedia encoding (transcoding) not working on mov files

I am using your rtmedia free video conversion (transcoding) service and when I upload a .mov file it I am getting an email back each time informing me of an error converting the video. As follows:

“There was an error in encoding the following file http://cashtipz-rebuild.flywheelsites.com/wp-content/uploads/rtMedia/users/2/2016/03/sample_iTunes.mov This could be because the file was corrupt or invalid.”

I got this same error on about 7 test uploads of .mov files.

Can you explain the problem to me. I thought the encoding service should have turned it into an MP4.

THIS IS A PRE-SALE question as I will need to purchase several paid add ons if I do decide on rtmedia however this video encoding must work properly.