RtMedia doesn´t upload the file

My WordPress version is 4.2.2., the buddypress Versión is 2.3.1. I have installed the rtmedia plugin, Versión 3.8.5. I´m trying to upload a jpeg image from activity stream. I can see the icon, i can choose the file, i can see the thumbnail but when I publish, the image does´t appear. I can´t see the image in every place. I need hep, please. Thanks!

Does it work with the Twenty-Fifteen theme? If no, does it work with only WordPress, Twenty-Fifteen, BuddyPress, and rtMedia? If YES, then you’ve got a conflict somewhere. :slight_smile:

Hi, I have resolved the problema. I have activate the Twenty-Fifteen theme, then I have activate the current theme. Now, it´s okay. Thanks!!