rtMedia does not open lighbox after EVERYTHING

It's a long time since I wanted to make this post here.

It was in older version and I thought with newer rtMedia, you will work on it, but now. for me it's very strange because I find it number one problem in rtMedia.

The thing is lighbox does not open image after some operations. instead it redirects to permalink.

For example when changing buddypress filter, or activity type tab, or whats the most importent, after submiting? like when I upload my media and press on it, it does not open in lightbox, instead it goes to permalink.

I'm almost sure you are avare of this, but still if you want to check you can find it even on rtMedia demo page http://demo.rtcamp.com/buddypress-media

Are you working on this? And if no.. is there any function I can call to register handlers or whatsover )

For example I'm using activity-refresh plugin, which automatically loads new content when somebody posts an activity. so I want something to call with new activity.

Hope I'm explaining it well, cheers

Also when user reachies the end and presses Read More button on your demo page, lightbox and other things does not work (like your own music skin (or what is it))

I have another plugin which automatically loads new content, so I also need this kind of function from there

Re Initializing mediaElement player and lightbox is creating an issue (Player is not working properly), that why we not doing after load more and new activity upload.

For initializing lightbox : https://github.com/rtCamp/rtMedia/blob/master/app/assets/js/rtMedia.js#L35-L88

For player : https://github.com/rtCamp/rtMedia/blob/master/lib/media-element/wp-mediaelement.js#L7-L12

@Faishal Saiyed that is a big issue no?

Are you going to work on it in future? I would be glad to help, I have some basic knolidge but actually I'm good at debuggin.

Its just, rtMedia is too big for me to just jump in and I don't know where to start going into the code ))

Yes, we already added this in future release. For coding, you can fork rtMedia from github then start. You can send us a pull request for a feature or bug fixes.

Glad to hear this. Looking forward to new updates.

I will spend more time on code first and then let's see how I manage )) I'm familiar with github so there will be no problem.