rtMedia: Database table structure for rtMedia has been updated. Please Click Here to upgrade rtMedia activities. (Not working after website move)


First, thank you for such an awesome plugin! I am moving towards purchasing the Pro Version.

There is one thing I need help with though.

I had a website built at a url. I then created a new website using ServerPress and imported the database of my old website into it using DesktopServer which replaces the urls of the database automatically. Everything is working great except that now I have a message from RT media in my dashboard that says: "rtMedia: Database table structure for rtMedia has been updated. Please Click Here to upgrade rtMedia activities."**

I click on the link and click the “Start” button to upgrade the RT media activity.

It will start but there is no progress no matter how long I let it run.

Any direction in how to resolve this issue would be GREATLY appreciated.

You shouldn’t have to replace the URLs anymore. Those plugins are unnecessary now. All you do is replace the site url and page URL in the Settings / General page in wp-admin, that’s it.

Those plugins are horrible because sometimes they don’t re serialize data properly. Your mileage WILL vary – not may vary :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

The best way to move from one site to another site is to use the Duplicator plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/duplicator/ (Free). Just back up your existing site, and follow the instructions in the installer package to upload and configure it on your new site. Start without WordPress even installed and no database on the new server. Duplicator will handle everything. I’ve moved my rtmedia based website with that plugin about 6 times in total. Works every time, works perfectly every time.

Good luck


Oh, and a PS – Duplicator will auto update your site URLs once it starts on the new site. All you have to do is run the installer.php script and it’ll walk you through everything.

Hi @redesignedweb,

Please check if there is any error in server error log and also check js console in browser during the upgrade process, also check the status of ajax request made by upgrade process.

@illusionsglass, thanks for your suggestion. I appreciate your contribution in rtMedia community :slight_smile: