RTMedia Conflict with 2 Other Professional Plug-ins


When I have RTMedia Pro enabled on my site, it prevents the plugin “Custom Sidebars Pro” by WPMUDev from working. Disable RTMedia Pro, and Custom Sidebars Pro works. I have tried re-saving permalinks.

It also causes a conflict with Ninja Forms - when RTMedia Pro is enabled, the java-based feature that allows you to export form submissions from Ninja Forms does not work. Disable RTMedia pro, and the exports work.

It might be of interest that RTMedia (with no add-ons) works normally and does not cause the conflict.

I can allow you to login to my site if you wish.


Hi @jgwolfensberger,

We have released rtMedia Pro v2.5.10 . Please once check with latest release.

If you are still facing the issue let us know. You can also check for any server errors or JavaScript errors, if there are any.

Hello @pranalipatel - the newest version works great! I had to go into my account here at RTMedia and download the latest version - it did not show up in my site’s plugins as an update. No problem for me, but just letting you know in case you need to push out the update to other users.

Thank you!

Hi @jgwolfensberger,

You will only get update if you have activated your license, you can refer this link -> http://docs.rtcamp.com/license/ .

We are glad to know that your issue has been resolved. You are welcome.