Rtmedia compatibility with s2member


I am using buddypress integrated with s2member and recently installed rtmedia. I am able to upload media through my admin account with no problem (level 10 membership). I ideally would like to only have levels 1 and 2 be able to upload audio/video...but if all levels could it wouldn't be that big of an issue. I would just like to find the conflict. Presents "Oops !! There's no media found for the request !!" error when logged in under level 1 or 2. Any suggestions?


@funkylenape - By default the uploads are not restricted to any roles as of now. But we would be working out on this in the future versions. The reason you must be seeing that message right now is maybe you have nothing uploaded through that user.


The problem is that no one is able to upload. Only administrator is able to upload.


I have accounts at each level. The upload box does not show up unless logged in as admin.


@funkylenape - Sorry to say we haven't yet checked the compatibility of rtMedia with the s2 member plugin. Perhaps maybe you could ask them what could be causing the issue so that we would be able to rectify it here on our end.


I thought I could jump in here as I also use basic S2 Member on a site I'm developing...It seems to be working aokay and there shouldn't be an issue. Best bet is to ensure you've configured S2 Member correctly....Ask in the S2 Members forum.http://www.s2member.com