Rtmedia Api shows error image type missing

Hi, I m using rtmedia_api for uplaoding image. but it shows error message {“status”:“FALSE”,“status_code”:140006,“message”:“image type missing”,“data”:false}
plz tell he how to add rtmedia_file…

is any one help me to solve this error

Please go through this support thread -> https://rtcamp.com/support/topic/upload-api-via-ajax/
Also check this doc for more information -> https://rtcamp.com/rtmedia/docs/developer/json-api/

Hi Ritesh Patel
If you don’t mind link you send to me https://rtcamp.com/support/topic/upload-api-via-ajax/ is not working.
and in other link for uploading recommend to use this…
rtmedia_file => file input ( input type file )
but it shows same error msg…

you can also pass base64 encoded image in rtmedia_file parameter. In that case specify image_type as image/jpg.

Check above link, it’s working now.

Also, can you show me what exact parameters you are passing?