Rtmedia and BuddyPress Edit Activity integration


post uploaded via rtmedia cannot be edited with BuddyPress Edit Activity. There is a workaround suggested in https://wordpress.org/support/topic/rtmedia-updates. However the problem iif a user tries to edit via this workaround html code of rtmedia is visilble. any solutions to this?


I too am wanting this. Did you by chance submit a ticket with rtCamp? They have been very helpful to me so far. If no users chime in, you may want to submit this request there.


@markob17 I guess ticket submission is only for premium customers. Seems we are the only two people who would want to use this feature and no solution yet. If you do come across any solution do let me know as well


@Navinachettri I did some digging around my database using phpmyadmin and it appears this may not be as simple a solution as I had anticipated. rtMedia adds image path and html markup within the buddypress activity table which is why when edited using that fix it shows everything including the html markup. I’m not a coder but feel this would like need some serious coding or maybe even a rewrite of how their plugin stores things in the database which probably won’t happen since there are already many established sites using the plugin. Of course, I am just throwing things out there as I don’t have the experience to really understand the nuts and bolts of these things. For comparisons sake though, I noticed the Buddyboss Wall plugin stores html markup for the images, meta data, etc. for their URL preview feature by putting it in another table, independent of the activity table. That’s why these type of activity stream updates can be edited with the Buddyboss edit activity plugin without seeing the markeup. If I come across anything I will be sure to chime in though.