rtMedia and BuddyPress Docs

WP 3.9.1, BP 2.0.1, rtMedia 3.6.14, rtMedia Pro 2.3 and BuddyPress Docs 1.7.0
While chosing “Edit” on a photo (…/members/…/media/#/edit) a new tab opens but it’s redirected to /groups/docs (the BP Docs directory). Yes if I deactivate BP Docs rtMedia “Edit” is working fine, but I need both plugin… Do you have a solution for that behavior? Thanks for help.

Update: /groups/docs is NOT the BP Docs directory - /docs is the BP Docs directory. After redirection the browser tries to open /groups/docs what doesn’t exist, ending up with 404. And what I wrote: it’s the combination of rtMedia and BuddyPress Docs what’s not working.

Hi Hans Ruedi,

Sorry to say we can’t do anything regarding this as you said it works perfectly fine when BP Docs is deactivated. Yes, we will resolve the issue if our plugin creates conflict with some other plugin. I hope you understand that.

I suggest you to contact the developers of BP Docs plugin.

Thanks Ritesh. I have opened a ticket on Boone’s github page for BP Docs.
BTW: Why is rtMedia opening a new browser tab after click on «Edit»?!? From my point of view that’s confusing for endusers. What’s the benefit?

Why is rtMedia opening a new browser tab after click on «Edit»?!?
It is because that way user can still remain on gallery page on which he is. By opening it in the same tab user have to click on his profile and then on media tab to reach his gallery like he has to follow the steps to reach his own activity feed or groups or messages etc.