rtMedia and Amazon s3 upload

I’m testing out rtmedia free, I use amazon s3 and cloudfront plugin but I’ve noticed (like with other media plugins for buddypress) the uploads to not work properly if I send them to s3 and automatically delete them from my server.

Does this work better with the rtAmazon s3 plugin?

Hi @jkstech,

rtMedia is using standard WordPress functions to upload media. If amazon s3 and cloudfront works fine with WordPress then it should also work rtMedia uploads too.

Glad to know you are looking in rtAmazon S3 plugin. Yes there is an option to delete media automatically from the server after uploaded to S3 and it is working properly.

You can check the document here -> http://docs.rtcamp.com/rtamazon-s3/

Thank You.

The uploads do not work if I have s3 plugin active and setup to automatically delete from the server. I can upload, but usually it ends up showing no file in my activity, pictures don’t show up at all after upload. I’m just wondering if your s3 plugin works differently or not.

Hello @jkstech,

What if you disable the automatic delete option, is it working properly? Many of our users uses rtMedia with amazon s3 and cloudfront plugin and none of them reported such issue before.

Thank you!

Well the reason I want to use s3 is so I don’t have to store the files on my server. It seems rtmedia won’t do what I need but thanks for the reply.

Hi @jkstech,

We cannot test rtMedia with each and every plugin. We are using WordPress Media Library API which is a standard practice.

You may check with other plugins’ developer if they handles WordPress Media Library correctly. If there is any issue in rtMedia code, we will be happy to fix it right away.

So far, we have found many issues in different plugins and hence built our own. You may try our premium offering which will work for sure - https://rtcamp.com/products/rtamazon-s3/

Our Amazon S3 will not only work with rtMedia but with WordPress and any other plugin which follows WordPress standards.

Thank you.

I think the problem is when it deletes it, rtmedia can no longer find it. I have the same issue with other media plugins that don’t support uploading directly to s3 so I don’t think it’s a technical issue really. Are you saying your commercial s3 plugin works with rtmedia and allows me to remove from the server automatically to only store on s3?