rtmedia_add_edit_fields hook is not working

Hi again,

I have used the " rtmedia_add_edit_fields " hook to add a new field in the uploader form. I have also used the " rtmedia_after_update_media " to update the field. But no field is displayed in the uploader form. Please help me.



Use rtmedia_uploader_before_start_upload_button filter to add new fields in uploader.

rtmedia_add_edit_fields hook is used to add new filed in media edit page.


I have used rtmedia_uploader_before_start_upload_button and added a new field. How can I save the newly added fields to the database? Please help me.

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Hi Chinchu,
First of all you need to pass those fields along with the media during uploading process or after uploading is done you can make another ajax request to store those data fields.

There is a js hook -> rtmedia_js_after_file_upload available in rtMedia after file upload using which you can call your custom code. Check this link for hook and passed parameters along with the hook -> https://github.com/rtCamp/rtMedia/blob/master/app/assets/js/rtMedia.backbone.js#L497

Check this link -> https://github.com/rtCamp/rtMedia/blob/master/app/assets/js/rtMedia.js#L350 for how to use that js hook.