rtMedia Activity URL Preview - IT DOES NOT WORK

Hello, please do not run this plugin as you can see, the URL does not work see attachments! How could I do ??? Previously the same thing happened to me, it is more than 3 times that I ask you to check my page www.galenosperu.com

Thank you

Hello @Galenos_Linea,

URL preview will work with open graph tags. It looks like the URL you are using is missing some required values from Open graph tags.

Could you confirm if you are facing this issue with all other URLs as well? For example, you can try this URL to make sure - https://techcrunch.com/

Looking forward to your reply. Thanks.

How could you do to activate open graph ??? Please also happens to me, when I want to share an image that uploads in the activity of budypress does not work, I get the correct link if, but I do not get the image that compares in buddypress how would?

Hello @Galenos_Linea,

We are not clear regarding your question. Please, add more details or example with some screenshot so that we can answer your query.