rtMedia activity updates not showing in activity loop

Hi, I’m trying to figure out why when I (or any other member) posts an activity update with an attachment (through the +Attach Files link), the update doesn’t show in the activity stream. It appears for a moment, but not if the page is refreshed or returned to. It shows in the backend, when I look at the “Activity” admin area. I think it’s likely that it has to do with the filter on my activity loop:

but I’m not sure how to have the action filter include activity updates with rTMedia attachments. I would have thought that they would be included in activity_update. Any thoughts?



P.S. the filter is in place because I didn’t want the activity stream to include forum topics and replies, profile photo changes etc…


rtMedia stores an update as “rtmedia_update” in DB.
Use this code to filter your activity:

<?php if ( bp_has_activities( bp_ajax_querystring( 'activity' ).'&action=activity_update,rtmedia_update' ) ) : ?>

This will also show the rtMedia updates.

Thanks Ritesh. That fixed it except for one rtMedia activity update, which I found in the DB recorded as a “new_avatar”. Any thoughts on why that would happen? It worked when I changed it to an “rtmedia_update”.


BuddyPress handles the data regarding change of avatar. rtMedia just ovrrides the functionality. So, in this case action will be “new_avatar” and not “rtmedia_update”.

One more question: Is it possible to have the activity loop only show rtmedia_updates that are posted in the activity updates (i.e. when someone attaches a file to their “What’s new”), and NOT the rtmedia_updates that are postings to the gallery page (i.e. when somebody’s uploading things through the gallery uploader on a different page from the “What’s new”)? Thanks.

Actually that is not possible. rtMedia stores each activity as rtmedia_update in DB whether it is from gallery page or from activity page.

Hi, sorry my English s**ks :wink: but @riteshpatelrtcamp are you speaking about activity show dropdown menu which doesn’t show any updates with attached media files :frowning: when ‘updates’ is selected

yes it doesn’t show rtMedia related updates because BuddyPress stores updates as “activity_update” whereas rtMedia stores updates as “rtmedia_update” and when “update” is selected from activity dropdown, it only filters BuddyPress activity.

Great, thanks @riteshpatelrtcamp to share this tip, tried and :wink: approved