rtMedia 3 lightbox cutting off portrait image lower half


Just to make you aware that rtMedia 3 lightbox is not displaying portrait images correctly - it's cutting the lower half off in all instances.



It doesn't just happen in lightbox. It happens across the board with anything native to Buddypress (not Wordpress I hope, haven't checked that yet, but perhaps I should!). I was told that that is meant to be like that, and that it has always been like that. And they are kind of right. Before, there was a scrolldown so that you could see the whole picture, and then after, they changed it to a square to accommodate both portrait and landscape. And now, they have decided to take that away and just have one direction. The only way, according to them, that you can make changes, is through the theme you are using. And, you have to copy the retMedia templates folder into the theme that you are using, in order to be able to make any changes. That's the only thing that is explained about it in their read me text. I'm waiting for an answer regarding how to go about making the changes from them. I'll let you know if I hear anything that might help!

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What I said is correct, but I also mixed things up a little with the photo editor issues that I encountered, as in, I can't edit my photos. They say that that is a css issue. Maybe the layout is, but it's also a functionality issue. Before, I was able to make changes to my media. Now I can't at all. Have you encountered that too?