RTCAMP with MariaDB

Hello there,

Quick question: Does RTCAMP offer support for MariaDB ? I know you guys use Percona, but I heard MariaDB is a lot faster (version 10.x) than Percona. If I were to remove Percona and install MariaDB, what configuration should I use with my.cnf ? And how can I safetly remove Percona to install MariaDB ?

Thanks a lot !


Sorry to say but, We have not used/tested Maria DB on any on our system.

I understand. Well, then I’ll just use the Percona setup because you guys optimized the settings as I know.

Also, another question. I’m using HHVM with nginx and PHP5 as a backup like you guys said in one of your tutorials. Should I keep it as a backup, or stop using it ? For me seems a little slower than PHP5-fpm, but maybe its just me.

We always recomened to keep FPM as backup (fallback) with HHVM, beacuse sometimes HHVM returns 500/501 error code and stops working… :frowning:

If I want to remove HHVM and go back to PHP5-fpm, what do I need to modify? just in case. sorry to keep you

No need to remove anything, as we have allready FPM as a fallback. :smile:

Hello @alexblajan,

I hope your query is resolved. I am closing this support topic for now.

Feel free to create a new support topic if you have any queries further. :slight_smile: