RT Media vs Buddypress

Im using RT media plugin with Buddypress. If I try to click on a photo (eg here: http://www.lightspot.dk/2015/11/new-book-on-light-science-and-art-by-tor-norretranders-and-olafur-eliasson/ ) then it opens the photo but low opacity, and also not clickable. The same happens in user created content (eg here: http://www.lightspot.dk/members/gmo/media/ try to click on the photo) I tried to deactivate RT media, and then the first problem got solved, but then users can`t create content… Any suggestions?:slight_smile:

Hello @Geza_Molnar,

This page looks WordPress post with the image attached by WordPress’ add media feature.

This is rtMedia media tab which is added by rtMedia plugin.

If you are facing any issue with the pop-up to display media then you can once try disabling light-box which is used by rtMedia from here and check if the issue still exists.

Thank you.