RT media setup

Sorry I have to say that I am a rookie here, so a bit green.

What I want to achieve is for my members to be able to upload their pictures and media content onto their own galleries within their own profiles, much like Facebook.

Thing is I have installed and activated RT Media, But then nothing, I can’t even get started. No button on profile page as per the video. Is there a tutorial for this anywhere?

Well pleased to say things are on the move now thanks to finding reference to the short code [rtmedia_uploader] via : Plugins – Installed Plugins – rtMedia – View Details – Descriptions.
I’ve now pasted it into my profile page and gave it a little test run with some self created users, and magic.

I’ve uploaded a .png okay but my .jpegs are not showing when I click on my local directory even though I have it set for all extensions. jpg and jpeg are switched to ON in : rtMedia – Settings – Types – Photos, so I will just have to have a poke around on this one. I’ve upload a site hosted video, but it’s vanished so not sure if that was successful or not, looks like another poke around.