RT Media pages breaking theme layout

WordPress 3.6.1
BuddyPress 1.8
rtMedia 3.2.5

Not sure when this started happening, updated rtMedia to latest version and problem is persisting.

My RTMedia pages within profiles are no longer displaying correctly relative to the rest of the theme.

Profile Page: http://www.trashdolls.com/members/Luna-Trash/profile/
rtMedia Page http://www.trashdolls.com/members/Luna-Trash/media/

could one of the rtMedia updates have caused this? Or can anyone spot anything clearly effecting the layout and styles?

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@g_force - Could you point out since which version are you facing this issue so that we could investigate this?

Also are you sure you have not made any changes to your theme lately? From the looks like you would need to try fixing it by overriding the rtMedia template. We have made changes to the rtMedia templates to make it more compatible to most of the themes, but for themes that have a different structure we have template overriding in place -> http://rtcamp.com/rtmedia/docs/developer/templating-system/

You would need to make changes to the main.php file to include all your theme related divs at the proper place.

@faceciak - Check this -> http://rtcamp.com/groups/rtmedia/forum/topic/problems-after-updating-media-page-not-displaying/#post-42800