RT Media - Not Playing Nice With Other Plugins

Good Evening,

This is a very specific situation, however I feel could relate to a deeper issue. RT Media integrates with BuddyPress very well, which is a huge selling point. However, every profile TAB, both native to BuddyPress and those generated by other plugging (i.e. Activity, Profile, Notifications, Location, etc.), register to a ‘Dynamic Widget Plugin’ as ‘a page of BuddyPress’. RT Media registers one of these BuddyPress pages, “Media”, but seems invisible to this plugin, which generates its options based on what BuddyPress pages are active. Because RT Media isn’t seen as a BuddyPress Page it is reeking havoc in its own “Media” TAB.

Normally I would chalk this up to a plugin conflict, but I seems as if RT Media is effectively hiding itself.

I figured I’d give it a shot on this forum, but I understand if this is outside the realm of this forum.

Thanks for any support and for the plugin.

@backpackersunion, No, rtMedia doesn't register any "Media" page. rtMedia doesn't register itself as a BuddyPress component and that's why "Media" isn’t seen as a BuddyPress Page. rtMedia not only works with BuddyPress but it also works with WordPress as a media solution.